As customized as Atlas is, we've tried to retain as much of the vanilla MC experience as possible. However, there are a few vanilla aspects we felt merited change:

Enchantment Limitations

The following enchantments are the max level attainable of their types:

  • Sharpness II
  • Protection II
  • Fortune I

The following enchantments have been removed altogether:

  • Mending

Potion Side Effects

Using certain potions will give negative side effects:

  • While Fire Resistance is active, you will take damage from water (including snowballs)
  • While Healing is active, you have Slowness
  • While Invisibility is active, you have Blindness
  • While Regeneration is active, your character is glowing
  • While Leaping is active, you have Poison
  • While Strength is active, you have reduced saturation
  • While Swiftness is active, you have Weakness

Additionally, stacking too many potions simultaneously will cause the user to "overdose" and gain additional negative effects like Nausea.