The Treaty of Telaria

Signed in Telaria by The Vantian Empire and The United Republics

347th day of Lakeshine, 378 ACE

The Great Trade War will end

The Vantian Empire will Renounce all claims and rights to the Grey Isles and the coastline of the mainland near the Grey Isles. This includes Redfire Mesa and The Vantis Desert.

The Shen will renounce all claims to The Southern Part of An'Shea, The Redfire Mesa, the Vantis Desert, and all uninhabited Islands of The Grey Isles

Telaria will send out Patrols in order to make sure the Coasts around the Grey Isles in An'Shea, Vantis Desert, and Redfire Mesa do not have Shen or Vantian Occupation.

The Vantians will be required to pay War Reparations

The Vantians and The Shen may never again expand to their former empire sizes

The Shen may not raise Trade Tariffs for one single Nation. Either all Tariffs go up or none go up.

The Vantian Navy may not enter the Grey Isles without Shen Navy Escort.

The Shen may never use large scale magic to attack another nation or the environment

The Shen must actively try to restore the Environment of The Grey Isles during the next 10 years

Any Violation of this Treaty will result in Sanctions and penalties from other nations including Telaria

This treaty will only expire if Telaria feels The 2 Nations can live in peace, or one of the Nations no longer Exists. 

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Before Great Trade War
After The Great Trade War
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