NPC Towns: The Wraithhold

Official Biome: Dark Oak Forest

Growable Trees: Oak, Dark Oak

Regional Crops: Wheat, Pumpkin, Razzberries, Techaberries, Lettuce, Purple Grapes, Apple, Lemon

Regional Animals: Chicken, Pig

Regional Fish: Galewind Cod, Ghostalapia, Cursed Werefish, Vampire Tetra

Regional Mobs: Wraith, Wood Spirit

Formerly known as the Galewind Forest, the Wraithwood is a dark and twisted place. The cursed trees grow so thick and gnarled that they blot out the sun from the forest floor, and ghosts and demons roam the haunted woods. The Purelaker city of Devshire was once a beacon of civilization in Galewind - but all that remains today are its cursed ruins, and the great fortress to the west that was built to contain the monstrous threat of the Wraithwood.

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