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NPC Towns: Ayeli-Odalvi

Official Biome: Giant Spruce Taiga

Growable Trees: Oak, Spruce

Regional Crops: Wheat, Potato, Cabbage, Apple, Plum

Regional Animals: Chicken, Wolf

Regional Fish: Alpine Whitefish, Icebay Halibut, Rainbow Tuna, Akas-a-Kanak-Kanak

Regional Mobs: Timberhawk, Wood Spirit

Covering a large region of northwestern Athera, the Timberlands is the ancestral home of the 6 mysterious western tribes. It is said that each tribe inhabits a different region of the Timberlands, but few have ever seen one of their encampments. In times of regional crises, the chieftains of the tribes have been known to gather at the central mountain of Ayeli-Odalvi.

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