The Shen worship many gods, but none more than the Tainted Mother, who is said to bring Balance to the world for both Good and Evil. The Shen believe the Tainted Mother was born out of Chaos in order to bring Balance and order to the world, and that she has been both the aggressor and victim of war due to her wish to maintain Balance. The Archmage seeks to spread The Tainted Mother’s teachings through peaceful talks and conversion of the local populations.

The Shen view Arkayos, the God of Chaos, as the Tainted Mother's polar opposite, brought into the world to test the scales of Balance. Faith in the Tainted Mother is critical to the Shen, as they believe it to be inversely connected to the Arkayo's success in summoning their god upon the lands of Atlas. Many Shen arcanists believe their society to be the last vestige of protection on Atlas preventing the return of Arkayos.

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