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With their world on the brink of destruction, the Mages of Auru have no choice but to use their highly-experimental Obelisk to attempt to teleport the entire city safely to a new world. It works, but at a cost… the impact of the city crashing into this new world of Atlas destroys Auru and damages the Obelisk beyond repair. But hope is not lost...

The damaged Obelisk begins acting as a portal, drawing refugees of other destroyed worlds to it. Soon, their numbers grow, and it comes time to venture forth from the ruins of Auru to settle anew. They sail north across the ocean, and soon discover a large, inhabitable island: the perfect place to found a New Auru. The city of Nauru is settled.

Ten years have gone by, and Nauru has established itself as a prominent power on Atlas. To the north of Nauru Island, the mainland continent of Athera teems with political unrest; from the powerful Vantian warlords of the east, to the cunning Purelaker merchants of the west, to the mysterious arcanists of the southern islands, the Shen. Generations of wars and atrocities have created deep divides between these civilizations, and the current peace accords are unsteady at best. Furthermore, a dangerous cult thought to be wiped out long ago, has begun resurfacing across Athera...

As a refugee of your ruined world, the mysterious Obelisk has brought you to this new realm of Atlas. Whether you arrived with the original Aurulians, or from a different world altogether, you have been accepted into the ever-growing city of Nauru. But the time for you to venture forth on your own is fast approaching. Where on Atlas will you settle your empire? What will be your legacy?