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NPC Towns: Port Qi'Shen

Official Biome: Mushroom Islands

Growable Trees: Oak

Regional Crops: Wheat, Lychiberries, Daikon, Onion, Tobacco, Purple Grapes, Apple

Regional Animals: Chicken, Mooshroom

Regional Fish: Grey Eel, Southsea Knifefish, Shen Amberjack, Mutated Roe

Regional Mobs: Mana Ray, Shen Mutant, Southsea Shark 

The islands off the southern coast of Athera were once reminiscent of the Plains of An'she - lush, green vegetation bordered with white-sand beaches. But at the height of the Great Trade War, as the Shen faced extinction at the hands of the attacking Vantians, they unleashed a devastating explosion of magic from their last remaining city. The Vantians were defeated, but in the process, the very landscape of the islands was morphed and twisted into the Grey Isles of today.