The Vantian Empire worships a pantheon of gods and goddesses known as The Four - each representing a different aspect of Vantian life.

While followers technically worship all four, different Vantians tend to favor one above the others, representative of their personal occupation and beliefs. For example, a soldier would likely worship Shiraxis above all others, while farmers would favor both Valkyara and Kaldras.

Valkyara, Goddess of the Sun

Considered to be the Mother of all Gods, Vantians worship the Sun as Valkyara herself - the source of all life on Atlas. In the daytime, Valkyara breathes life throughout the earth, giving us warmth, and making things grow. At night, Valkyara sleeps - Vantians believe this to be why monsters only choose to roam the land at night - a time where the forces of evil will not be seen by Her eye.

Kaldras, God of the Earth

Creator of the Lands of Atlas itself, lover of Valkyara, and father of Shiraxis. Kaldras is often seen as a peaceful figurehead of Vantian society, due to the general professions of His direct worshippers - farmers, fishermen, and miners. In fact, the Valderkal are revered in Vantian society, as they are believed to be the Servants of Kaldras (a fact that the dwarves have conveniently never confirmed nor denied.) It is possible that the name Kaldras itself was derived from Valderkal, though the origins of this nomenclature have been lost to time.

Shiraxis, Goddess of War

In Vantian mythology, Shiraxis is the daughter of Valkyara and Kaldras. Born upon the fertile and growing lands of Atlas, Shiraxis soon grew to fear that the utopia her parents had created was unsustainable. To bring balance and control to the masses, Shiraxis imbued the peoples of Atlas with the aspects of Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Valor. She impressed upon them how great the gift of Atlas was, and that to prove their worth in receiving such a gift, the strongest and most faithful would have to conquer all others in the name of The Four.

Elefarr, God of the Forge

The bastard son of Shiraxis and an unknown mortal, Elefarr was shunned by his mother. As the half-god wandered the lands of Atlas, he bore witness to the war and violence that Shiraxis had instilled into their people… and vowed to aid the mortals. He gave the people the knowledge of smithing and smeltery - how to manipulate the ores of the very land itself into tools and armor to protect themselves. It is said Elefarr wandered the lands until he had brought this knowledge to every settlement on Atlas, drawing the attention of Kaldras. After much deliberation, it was finally decided that Elefarr would be accepted into his rightful place among the pantheon - his reward for imbuing the aspects of Craftsmanship and Innovation into the people of Atlas.

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