MC-Atlas Wiki


Atlian years are based off of the start of the Cirilian Era, when the three major Atheran civilizations agreed on a succinct calendar:

  • BCE = Before Cirilian Era
  • ACE = After Cirilian Era

(One Atlian year is equal to one month in real time.)

The First Era: 200 BCE - 0 BCE

The Cirilian Era: 1 ACE - 250 ACE

The Era of Revolution: 251 ACE - 400 ACE

The Naurulian Era: 401 ACE - 415 ACE (Present day)


Each Atlian year consists of four seasons:

  • Lakeshine - The season when the runoff of the melting Snowglade glaciers causes the Purelake to shimmer.
  • Evermoon - The mild season, when the moon is the largest and most visible throughout Atlas.
  • Timberfall - The season when the chill winds start to blow down from the northwest.
  • Cryos - The cold season, named for the legendary dragon of Snowglade.

Recording Dates

Specific dates are written as: (Day of Season, Year)

I.e. 5th of Evermoon, 415 ACE