Arkayos, the God of Chaos

Many on Atlas attribute the first worshiping of Arkayos to ex-followers of the Shen religion; dissenters who believed there existed a being that opposed the Tainted Mother's Balance - the harbinger of Chaos. But it was not long into the First Era that all three of the major Atlian religions began to see such dissenters, all believing the world of Atlas to be nothing more than a "failed experiment," and that Arkayos, the God of Chaos would return to this realm to destroy it. These worshipers, known as the cult of the Arkayo, believed that only those truly faithful to the God of Chaos would be spared His destruction, and offered new life after His cleansing of the sinners and heathens.

The First Summoning of Arkayos

Growing concerns over the rise of the Arkayo reached a breaking point when all three civilizations began to see an alarming string of kidnappings and disappearances amidst their people. It was said the Arkayo were searching for the “mortal conduit” for the manifestation of their god. A worldwide effort to track down and weed out the dangerous cult was soon launched.

But the Arkayo had grown substantially in numbers and influence; and on one fateful day, in the southeastern reaches of Athera, they found their vessel. The dark ritual that began that day was so devastating, that it began to tear the very land asunder, creating the Worldscar Ravine. The allied Atheran forces fought their way through the devastation, ultimately defeating the cultists before the ritual could be completed - but not before a good many lost their minds to the dark, chaotic magicks brought forth from the summoning.

Imprisonment and Exile

With the world safe from Arkayos for the time being, the Atherans continued to track down and arrest the dangerous cultists throughout the world. After much deliberation on what to do with them, it was decided that a grand prison would be constructed at the northern edge of the world to house Athera’s most dangerous criminals. A charter was drafted, designating that (no matter the political state of the world) each of the three civilizations would send a delegation to maintain and guard Drakonfell every seven years.

Those cultists who evaded capture by the Drakonguard, escaped to the far reaches of Atlas, where their descendants remained hidden in exile for nearly four centuries. It was the end of the Era of Revolution, with the world exhausted and shattered from two devastating wars, that finally saw the Arkayo's return to Athera.

Now infiltrating seats of power in several major cities, the cult has once again began kidnapping and abducting innocent victims, in search for another vessel with which to summon their Chaos God into Atlas once more.

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