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NPC Towns: Kimara Village, Takental, Teronkal

Official Biome: Taiga Mountains

Growable Trees: Oak, Spruce

Regional Crops: Wheat, Potato, White Grapes, Apple, Plum

Regional Animals: Chicken, Sheep, Wolf

Regional Fish: Kimaran Frostfish, Snow Pollock, Snowglade Owlfish, Cryosyllachra

Regional Mobs: Dire Wolf, Frost Spirit 

The Snowglade Mountains stretch across the entirety of the Atheran continent, from the Timberlands in the west to the coast of the Iron Foothills in the east. The Snowglades separate the temperate and arid regions of the south from the frigid, snow-covered regions of the north. The native tribes of the Timberlands have long made their homes atop these peaks, while the legendary dwarven capital of Valderkal City lies somewhere beneath it.

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