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Smuggling is a high-risk/high-reward trade mechanic, where players can transport contraband goods across Atlas to make an exorbitant amount of gems!

Every NPC town on Athera has a Smuggler NPC. Each Smuggler sells three types of Smuggler's Crates (100g, 200g, and 300g), containing unique contraband goods from that town. Players may purchase Smuggler's Crates, and sell them to a Smuggler in any other town for profit! The farther players travel from where they first bought the Crates, the more gems they sell for.

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Smuggling is a shady business, and one that the world's Dockmasters and Caravan Drivers want no part in. Players carrying any Smuggler's Crates are unable to use any of the paid fast travel routes on Athera, until they dispose of their Contraband. Players are also unable to deposit Contraband goods into their bank vault.

Crates aren't cheap, and traveling on foot with them can certainly be dangerous - so be sure to protect your investment!