MC-Atlas Wiki


Smelting on Atlas is an advanced form of crafting used to create powerful metal alloys out of the existing materials available in the world. Through the use of a Forge players can smelt different minerals, materials, and metals together to create powerful new alloys. These alloys can then be crafted into armor just like any regular metal in the game.

So what is an alloy? An alloy is the result of smelting certain items in a forge for the correct amount of time. There are infinite possibilities and combinations but only certain ones produce useable results. But to make allows we need to make a forge to smelt them in.

To begin smelting, you must first make a Forge. A Forge as the picture to the right suggests, is a cobblestone fence atop of furnace, atop either fire or lava. (The Netherrack in the picture is simply to keep the fire running but is not necessary for a forge if there are other ways of keeping the fire lit.)

After having built a forge, you must gather the many materials necessary to complete the smelting process. these items are:

  • A Bucket
  • A Clock
  • A Cauldron of Water
  • The Materials you wish to combine in the Forge.

Using these materials, we can begin the process. First, insert the materials you wish to smelt by right clicking the furnace part of the Forge. You can then use the clock to keep track of the amount of time the materials have been smelting for. When you believe the materials have smelted long enough pull them out by right clicking the Forge with the bucket. This will give you a bucket of "Molten Metal" you can now submerge in the Cauldron of water to cool off the new metal allow.

The result obtained from submerging the molten metal in water can range greatly. Sometimes you'll receive "Scrap Metal" or other near useless results, but eventually, and with good a methodical approach you may receive a new refined metal alloy. You can now repeat that recipe to get out more of that same alloy.

Using your new alloy you can craft armor the same way you would with any normal ingot found in Minecraft. Just put it into a crafting table and form the armor you want!


  • Keep an eye out for indicator ingots. Just because you didn't get the alloy, it's likely you got close. Ingot names indicate how close you got and what you might have got wrong.
  • Alloys have a window of time in which they must be smelted. So it's likely smelting an alloy slightly more or slightly less than you did before may still work!