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NPC Towns: Beswin

Official Biome: Mesa

Growable Trees: Oak

Regional Crops: Wheat, Cheriberries, Turnip, Pitaya, Cotton, Apple

Regional Animals: Chicken

Regional Fish: Goldwatch Guppy, Redfire Swordfish, Southsea Walleye, Cirilian Whale Shark

Regional Mobs: Mesa Crawler, Earth Spirit, Fire Spirit 

The rolling clay cliffs and mesas of southeastern Athera are perhaps the most colorful region in all of Atlas. A red desert that stretches from the Grey Isles all the way to the Goldwatch Plateau, the Redfire Mesa is most notably home to the mighty Worldscar Ravine that stretches across it. The Vantians claim ownership of much of the region, though the Cirilians inhabit the industrious mining town of Beswin.

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