MC-Atlas Wiki

Notable Landmarks: Kairos, the World Tree

NPC Towns: Telaria

Official Biome: River

Growable Crops: Wheat

Growable Trees: Oak

Raisable Animals: Chickens

The Purelake is located in the center of western Athera, the main continent of Atlas,and connects all parts of the continent with the many rivers leading from it.The Purelake stretches hundreds upon hundreds of meters, and the surface of the lake diffracts light from the glaciers in the north, whose till had washed down through the riverbeds in the colder seasons. This makes it appear to glow with a turquoise light during sunrise and sunset. It’s depth only extends to a few meters, but it is known to be a popular area for travellers to fish and relax between long journeys across the continent.

Merchants from long ago arrived due to this, and some were able to find better business in the clear, abundant waters. Those businesses flourished year round and soon grew into a civilization of people known as the Purelakers. The villages spread sporadically across the lake, although most originated near larger dips where fish were found to hide and breed.

Purelakers worship the great World Tree, Kairos, which grows from the center of the Purelake. Often referred to as "The Mother Tree," many Telarians make regular pilgrimages across the lake to it. The most devout of Kairosians will often risk their lives to scale the tree to its uppermost branches, as a show of their devotion.