NPC Towns: Telaria, Shen Zhengyi

Official Biome: Plains

Growable Trees: Oak

Regional Crops: Wheat, Cocoa Beans, Lettuce, Corn, White Grapes, Tomato, Apple

Regional Animals: Chicken, Cow

Regional Fish: Telarian Snapper, An'she Bluegill, Valderkal Loach, The 'Lake Ness Monster

Regional Mobs: Purelaker Rogue, Goblin 

One of the largest single regions on Athera, the Plains of An'she stretches from the shores of the Purelake and the Ankala River, all the way to the southern coast of the continent. A mild, temperate climate makes the region a popular area to settle small agricultural towns and farmsteads, as the early Purelakers did.

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