MC-Atlas Wiki

Pets are capable of interacting and aiding you in your journey throughout the world. They'll be able to fight with you, hunt down mobs, hold your supplies for you, or even be ridden into battle! To unlock their full potential though, they must be leveled up!

Capturing a Pet

Capturing a pet is fairly simple. Smack it with a lead after reducing it to less than 10% health. There is no way to tell for sure if its below 10%, so use your best judgment or just smack it with a lead until you capture it.

You may only have captured one pet at a time. To get a new one you must release your current one.

For players who have purchased the pets donation perk, any mob you run across can be claimed as a pet

For all players who do not purchase the pets perk donation, your tameable mob types or limited to:

  • Wolves
  • Ocelots
  • Mules
  • Donkeys
  • Horses

Releasing a Pet

Type /petrelease. This is PERMANENT so do it wisely. 

Checking a Pet's Stats

Simply smack your existing pet with a lead to check its stats. Alternatively type /petinfo

Pet Skills & Skill Trees

When you capture a pet, it is randomly assigned a skill tree. Skill trees determine the progression and skills of your pet as they level up. There are 6 skill trees to explore, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. If you don't like the skills of your current pet you'll have to release it and capture a new one.

Each time a pet gains a level it has a chance to gain a new skill or stat improvement. Pets gain levels simply by being with you when you kill mobs.

Some skills allow more interaction than others. I'll describe those below so you can know what to expect when it happens

  • Behavior: You can set your pet's behavior towards other players and mobs. /petbehavior (/pb)
  • Control: You can right-click with a lead to command your pet to attack or move somewhere specific.
  • Ride: You can ride your pet!
  • Inventory: Your pet has an inventory now that can hold blocks. Be warned when it or you dies, it drops all its inventory! /petinventory (/pi)
  • Beacon: Your pet now emits a beacon-like potion effect of a certain type that can be toggled. /petbeacon