Why Be In a Nation?

Being a member of a Nation is the best way to stay safe and thrive in the dangerous world of Atlas! Nations can claim land by founding Towns in the wilderness - that land is block-protected, meaning players outside that Nation cannot break blocks or open doors and trapdoors within it. These protections allow Nation members to build safe and secure places to store their gems and belongings, without fear of being griefed!

Nations also provide their members with an automatic spawn point (once they've founded a Town.)

Being in a Nation is also one of the best ways to interact with the Atlas community, and advance as a player. Join a Nation and benefit from their strength and knowledge, or found your own and make a name for yourself on the world stage!

Joining an Existing Nation

For new players looking to learn the ins-and-outs of the Nation system, the easiest method is to join an existing Nation. Fortunately, there are dozens of established player Nations throughout the world of Atlas, many of which are actively looking to recruit new members!

To see a list of all active Nations in-game, type /nation list. You can also check out the Nation Recruitment section of our Forums, to see which ones are actively recruiting. If you're interested in a particular Nation, message its leader and request to join!

New players that join a Nation will receive a Teleportation Scroll in their inventory. Right-clicking this item will provide a one-time instant teleport to a Town within the Nation they've just joined!

Founding a Nation

Many new players want to build their own empire from the ground up and answer to no one. If that sounds like you, then you'll want to found your very own Nation!

Founding a Nation costs 300g, which is easily obtainable by doing a handful of quests in Nauru. Be aware that founding a Nation does not immediately claim any land - it simply allows for the creation of Towns, which are the method by which Nations claim land.

Nations can only be founded by speaking with Captain Nemo at the Nation Embassy in Nauru.

Claiming Land

As stated above, Nations claim land by founding Towns in available land throughout Atlas. Once a Town is founded, the land within it will be block-protected for all Nation members, and doors and trapdoors will lock automatically (be warned: chests do not lock, and can be opened by anyone - so protect them behind a door!)

Members can extend their claim by purchasing additional plots adjacent to their Town. For more information on this, see the Towns page.