Throughout Atlas, there are a handful of unique, custom-made items that will greatly aid players in their adventures! Legendary items are extremely rare, and can only be obtained by completing Quests or running Dungeons.

Dungeon Armors

Kairos Leaf Set

Woven from the enchanted leaves and boughs of the Mother Tree Kairos, these robes render the wearer immune to Magic, and causes nature to bloom around their feet. Armor set pieces can be purchased from Lysa in Telaria, for Kairosian Roots - the unique currency found in the Corruption of Kairos dungeon.

Drakonguard Set

The very armor worn by the guards of Drakonfell Prison, this icy mail grants the wearer enhanced protection, and allows them to fire a snowball projectile (with an empty hand) that slows targets. Armor set pieces can be purchased from Watch Commander Romul in Drakonfell Prison, for Prisoner ID Tags - the unique currency found in the Escape from Drakonfell dungeon.

Grappling Hook

A recent Dunsmoor invention, the Grappling Hook is a reinforced bow that uses tethered Grapple Arrows to pull the user to designated grapple points! Simply equip the item with a Grapple Arrow in your inventory, and fire it at any Diamond Block to pull yourself right to it!

The Grappling Hook is obtainable from a handful of quest chains throughout Atlas, with some unlocking NPC merchants that will sell Grappling Hooks and Grapple Arrows. Grapple Arrows are also craftable using Fletchery.

Karag's Sabre

The long-lost war sword of Karag Eastwind, this legendary blade is said to have had magical properties which used the wielder's adrenaline to stitch their wounds in the heat of battle!

Karag's Sabre is obtainable from a questline starting in Eastwind.

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