MC-Atlas Wiki

To help traverse the massive world of Atlas, there are several methods of transportation that players can use for fast travel:


From the spawn city of Nauru, players can take the white-sailed ship to Athera for free, once they've completed the tutorial. The airship also goes to Athera, but offers travel to all 3 NPC Capitals (regardless of the player's affiliation) as well as all 3 Atheran neutral towns (Reektall, Teronkal, and Drakonfell Prison.)


Every NPC town in Athera has a fast-travel route available to use, from either a Dockmaster, Caravan Driver, or Airship Captain NPC. NPC Towns will only offer routes between towns within their own faction, and neutral towns. So if you want to fast travel from Telaria to Eastwind, you'll need to travel through a neutral town (like Nauru or Teronkal.)

The longer the route, the more expensive it is. All routes are available to every player, regardless of their NPC affiliation. Each route below goes both ways:

Neutral Town Routes
Town 1 Town 2 Cost
Nauru Telaria 100g (Free if allied with the Purelaker Republic)
Nauru Eastwind 100g (Free if allied with the Vantian Empire)
Nauru Port Qi'Shen 100g (Free if allied with the Shen-Cirilian Alliance)
Nauru Drakonfell Prison 100g
Nauru Reektall 100g
Nauru Teronkal 100g
Drakonfell Prison Telaria 134g
Drakonfell Prison Eastwind 212g
Drakonfell Prison Port Qi'Shen 170g
Drakonfell Prison Reektall 199g
Drakonfell Prison Teronkal 93g
Reektall Telaria 65g
Reektall Eastwind 186g
Reektall Port Qi'Shen 137g
Reektall Teronkal 173g
Teronkal Telaria 108g
Teronkal Eastwind 119g
Teronkal Port Qi'Shen 144g
Purelaker Republic Routes
Town 1 Town 2 Cost
Telaria Kimara Village 34g
Telaria Takental 57g
Telaria The Wraithhold 96g
Telaria Ayeli-Odalvi 104g
Kimara Village Takental 23g
Kimara Village The Wraithhold 129g
Kimara Village Ayeli-Odalvi 70g
Takental The Wraithhold 126g
Takental Ayeli-Odalvi 50g
The Wraithhold Ayeli-Odalvi 76g
Vantian Empire Routes
Town 1 Town 2 Cost
Eastwind Karagport 62g
Eastwind Redspire 43g
Eastwind The Crossing 137g
Eastwind Yukrovia 155g
Karagport Redspire 61g
Karagport The Crossing 75g
Karagport Yukrovia 127g
Redspire The Crossing 94g
Redspire Yukrovia 112g
The Crossing Yukrovia 118g
Shen-Cirilian Alliance Routes
Town 1 Town 2 Cost
Port Qi'Shen Shen Zhengyi 38g
Port Qi'Shen Beswin 41g
Port Qi'Shen Cirilia 88g
Port Qi'Shen Dead Man's Cove 99g
Shen Zhengyi Beswin 79g
Shen Zhengyi Cirilia 126g
Shen Zhengyi Dead Man's Cove 108g
Beswin Cirilia 47g
Beswin Dead Man's Cove 132g
Cirilia Dead Man's Cove 179g