Elders are the head admins and head developers of the server. The original creators of Atlas, Elders do not play on the server themselves - however you'll likely see them on frequently, either fixing things, or keeping an eye on the goings-on of the world. Behind the scenes, Elders manage the Atlas Dev team, and are always working on refining and developing new content for the server!

While Elders are always happy to help and answer questions, their in-game chat windows tend to get flooded (and thus in-game messages are often lost in the shuffle.) The best way to reach an Elder directly is to private message them on Discord.

Elders can be identified in-game by their red names in the chat window, as well as a red "E" symbol next to their names in the tab list.

Current List of Elders

  • Ajaxan
  • Iyoforeayo
  • Tyrriel
  • Wizardteepot