Looking to test your mettle against another player in friendly PVP? Duel them! Simply type /duel <player> to send a request to that player. If they accept, you'll both spawn in 1 of the 4 random fighting pits in the Arena of Nauru! Once the duel is finished, both players will be teleported back to their original locations prior to spawning in the arena, with their inventories restored to their previous states.



Want an even match against your opponent? Choose the Basic Kit, and both fighters will be equipped in basic iron armor and weapons.


Looking to duel someone at an equal disadvantage? Go Barebones! You'll be armed with nothing but a bone (obviously) and a jack-o-lantern stuck on your head, which makes seeing clearly a tiny bit harder.

BYOG (Bring Your Own Gear)

Want to fight using your own gear from outside the arena? Go BYOG! Nothing is off-limits - bows, wands, Smeltery armors - so come prepared for anything your opponent might have!