Gems are the main currency of Atlas. They are a physical item that will take up space in your inventory, so be careful when carrying them around with you! 9 Gems can be crafted together into a Gem Block, and vice-versa.

Gems can be obtained by completing quests and selling materials to merchants throughout Atlas. Players will need Gems for everything from fast travel to paying their Nation's taxes.

As Gems are stackable, they cannot be stored in your personal Bank. However, they can be deposited and withdrawn freely from your Nation's coffers.

Dungeon Currencies

Each Dungeon on Atlas has its own unique currency item that is only obtainable within that Dungeon:

  • Corruption of Kairos - Kairosian Roots
  • Escape from Drakonfell - Prisoner ID Tags

Likewise, each Dungeon has a corresponding NPC vendor that will accept the Dungeon Currency as payment for unique armor sets, or exchange your Dungeon Currency for 100g/each.

Luxury Vouchers

An extremely rare currency, Luxury Vouchers are used to purchase Luxury Items such as World Maps (from Cartographers), Fine Art (from the Art Dealer in Nauru), and Luxury Furniture (from the Furniture Dealer in Nauru).

Gems can be exchanged for Luxury Vouchers at any NPC that sells Luxury Items, at the rate of 1,000g/each. Luxury Vouchers cannot be exchanged back for Gems.


The only non-in-game currency, Coins are purchasable from our website shop. They can be used to purchase exclusive donor perks, such as particle trails and the ability to add custom lore to your items!